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Terms and Conditions

EKSBOnline Terms of Service


  • You must be over the age of 16 to be a member and participate at EKSBOnline.com . 
  • Your profile must be fully filled out including full name.
  • You must use your own name and email address on your account. Any made up or false names will result in termination of your account.
  • Only one account per household is allowed. Anyone creating more than one account per household will have their accounts terminated, resulting in the loss of any earnings, credit or downline. No exceptions.
  • Terminated accounts cannot be restored.
  • Inactive accounts for 365 days will be terminated and cannot be restored.

Privacy and Security

  1. Your privacy and security will be respected at all times. We are not responsible for any unlawful access to a users account due to the intentional or unintentional compromise of user name password or other log in details. It is the members responsibility to keep account log in details secure at all times.


  • Payouts are made via Vodafone, Etisalat and Mobinil credit transfer service to the mobile numbers you have specified in your EKSBOnline.com account.
  • All payouts are done manually by admin.
  • If we have recently added a new payment method, you may experience a delay in receiving your withdrawal. All attempts to resolve this will be made.
  • We make your payout as timely as possible however, situations may arise that cause a small delay.
  • Neglecting to fill our profile in full, including real name, or violation of any of EKSBOnline.com terms will result in a cancellation of your payout.
  • If your payouts are cancelled for any reason you are expected to submit a support ticket inquiry as to why.

Forum Use:

  • Be sure to post in the appropriate board for your topic.
  • No accusations of scamming of this site or any other site will be tolerated.
  • No posting of false and/or exaggerated information related to, but not limited to, your account, EKSBOnline.com or any other site.
  • DO NOT use the forum as a support ticket system, that is not what it's for and you will get get a response quicker by having a ticket in queue.


  • All members have the opportunity to earn from members they refer.
  • Each referral must have only one account with a unique email address.
  • Gaining referrals through purchases of sign ups from other sites is acceptable.
  • Excessive purchased sign-ups may disqualify you from the referral contest.
  • Purchased sign-ups are often low quality and the lack of activity will affect your referral earnings.
  • Purchasing sign-ups from micro worker type sites is strictly prohibited.


  • All purchases will be delivered electronically and are non refundable. 

Anti-cheating Policy:

  • All efforts to prevent cheating on EKSBOnline.com will be implemented
  • Anyone caught cheating, hacking or stealing on this site will have their accounts terminated and be blocked from the site.
  • Use of autoclicking software, scripts or any other method of click automation is prohibited.


  • You are required as a member of EKSBOnline.com to abide by the terms at all times.
  • EKSBOnline.com and it's owners are not responsible for loss or damages as a result of your membership or use of our site.


Terms are subject to change without notice, although we will do our best to notify you in advance. It is your responsibility to review these terms from time to time.

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